Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guitar Riddle No. 1 by Shawn Persinger

This week’s blog was a fun little experiment: a variation on Bruce Adolphe’s fabulous “Piano Puzzler” as heard on NPR. If you are unfamiliar with “Piano Puzzler” the premise is quite simple. Mr. Adolphe arranges a famous piece of music in the style of an equally famous composer and listeners get to guess the song and composer. Imagine J.S. Bach composing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" or Chopin performing "Can't Buy Me Love". Bruce’s arrangements are fantastic and I highly recommend you download the free podcast that is available on iTunes.

My “Guitar Riddle” works exactly the same way as “Piano Puzzler” except rather than performing in the style of a specific composer I (attempted) to perform in the style of a specific guitarist.

Below is the link to the Sound Cloud MP3 (download it for free or simply listen on Sound Cloud). I’ve also included the sheet music and tab so you can play along with the recording.


You can e-mail your guesses/answers to me at:

I will randomly select a winner and announce the song, guitarist and winner in next week’s blog. The winner will receive copies of my CDs, “The Art of Modern Primitive Guitar”, (my solo fingerstyle recording) and my latest PRESTER JOHN duo recording with mandolinist David Miller, “Rise O’ Fainthearted Girls”.

Click the link below for the Soundcloud MP3. 

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The End.

See you next week. 
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