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D.I.Y. World Tour (Part II) by Shawn Persinger

Part II of "Global Guitar" my 2007 D.I.Y. World Tour 

Fourteen countries, in four months, with two guitars.

Guitar Player Magazine 
In addition to the "Global Guitar" lecture format I also wrote an article for the Nov. 2007 issue of Guitar Player Magazine. This link "Global Guitaring: GP" will take you to a PDF download of that piece (note: download will start automatically).

Angkor Wat: Cambodia

I am unfortunately in such a “over-the-counter” percocet drug haze from the motorbike accident (see last week’s blog for details) that I actually asked someone wearing a shirt with “Cambodia” emblazoned upon it, “Oh, how was Cambodia? We’re going there soon.”

Hao Long Bay, Vietnam

Playing on one of the Hao Long Bay boats in Vietnam, outside of Hanoi. The Princess Cruise Line of the Third World.  Hanoi is a great city for contemporary art.

Hong Kong

The glorious “Peak” overlooking Hong Kong and Kowloon. The number one tip to know about Hong Kong? The H.I., Hosteling International Hostel is located not far from here, with a similar view, for a fraction of the cost of almost every hotel in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has something like 12 of the most expensive hotels in the world but you can stay at the Jockey Club Hostel for practically nothing.  

Potala Palace: Lhasa, Tibet 

The number one travel tip in Tibet? Check the warning labels on all over-the-counter drugs. The one recommended by the local pharmacy for altitude induced headaches causes, rare, but not unheard of cases of a disease that causes your skin to FALL OFF! This drug had been banned in most of the country for three years but in Lhasa you could get eight pills for just $5! 

Mt. Everest, Tibet

We took about 100 photos in this spot and I remember someone saying, “Let’s go, there is plenty of time to take more photos later.” “Take more!” I said. Twenty minutes later the mountain was gone! Hidden behind a shroud of clouds. It did come back but I’ve heard tell of people at Everest for days without ever seeing it.

It does not get much better than a gig at Base Camp Everest.

Great Wall of China

110 degrees, 80% humidity and 100% smog. The touts lazed about but insisted I play something…I played, “Gimmie Some Money” by SpinalTap…they got the joke.  

Ulan Bator, Mongolia

A quick 10-minute stop at the Ulan Bator train station in Mongolia. I wish would could stayed longer but the Trans-Siberian railroad from Beijing to Moscow waits for no guitarist!

Red Square: Moscow, Russia

Couchsurf in Moscow! We stayed with Deric and seven other surfers. Deric is a couchsurfing legend.

Prague, The Czech Republic

The Charles Bridge in Prague. The last city on our world tour.

In Conclusion 

1. Buy a one-way ticket and 2. Don't plan anything else. 

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The End.
See you next week. 
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