Friday, June 1, 2012

Analyzing The Allman Brothers' harmonies for “Jessica”.

This week’s blog is a quick lesson on guitar harmonies using Dicky Betts' classic tune "Jessica". I've given the basic theme as arranged for two guitars and then a second arrangement for one guitar using dyads (two notes at a time) and a third arrangement utilizing triads (three notes at a time).  

Example 1 gives the basic note order (although not the rhythm) for The Allman Brothers Band song, “Jessica”.

Example 2 is the harmony guitar. This harmony is a combination of diatonic (all in one key) thirds and fourths.

Example 3 gives both parts arranged for one guitar. Lots of fun.

Example 4 shows you what the harmony part would be if it were played only in thirds.

Example 5 shows you what the harmony part would be if it were played only in fourths.

Hopefully can hear that strictly thirds or fourths is not nearly as interesting or compelling as a combination of both.

Finally, Example 6 adds the keyboard’s additional harmony note to give you the melody in triads. Harmonically speaking this is quite simple, to play it up to tempo is not so easy.

For more on playing double and triple stops I highly recommend Scotty Anderson’s DVD "Red Hot Guitar".  

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